Friday, 9 October 2015

Embracing the 'stay at home mum' title

Man alive. Having a new puppy and a highly strung preschooler was taking its toll. I had a few weeks where I was questioning my decision to be at home. I even had two very tempting (and unsolicited) job offers that didn't help. Thankfully, I diagnosed myself with not-using-my-brain-itis and post puppy blues. I prescribed myself a kick in the slats.

I definitely deserved the kick in the slats. I have been blessed beyond blessed with my wilfil, intelligent, loving, independent miracle baby and I'm getting hung up on the dumbest shit. I start my first Masters papers in November so that'll be the brain in overdrive and Pumpkin was gifted an Adaptil collar at Puppy Preschool so she's calmed down 500%.
And seriously, this little face. Being home is really great for G, myself and moulting Pumpkin. I've stopped saying "I'm a senior teacher taking time out to blah blah..." Now I say "I'm a stay at home mum". A seriously skint one. But skint and happy.

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