Monday, 24 August 2015

Unleashed poo monster part deux

G is in love love love with Pumpkin and loves nothing better than carrying her around like a hairy dolly. Which I strongly discourage. On the day in question, I told her to pick her up and give her a big cuddle on the step while I discarded of, and bleached my entire laundry in record time.

Unfortunately, Pumpkin actually didn't get ALL the shit, but I'm hip:

Friday, 21 August 2015

ALWAYS leash your dog...a cautionary tale

This is Pumpkin:
G is crazy for animals and I thought maybe when she was 5 I'd get her a cat.  But we happened to meet the Canine Formerly Known As Church And Princess and I bit the bullet. The whole reason I decided to take this time was to enrich my daughter's life. And what better time to train a puppy! Which brings me to Pumpkin's serious skill in shit detection.

She's just had her vaccinations so there's still a 9 day wait until we can walk her. Therefore, she's only allowed in our yard for her toileting (which is going great - so glad I was talked into the crate as a den training!) She cries to be carried up and down the steps as she's so dinky (so endearing!) Pumpkin is also doing terribly well on her lead, even with the Beta:
G and I took Pumpkin out leashless as puppy was desperate this afternoon. Meanwhile, some dirty cat had slunk onto our property and done a stinking turd on the top of a flax in my garden. I'd literally not noticed it but Pumpkin found it. As soon as I saw it [close your eyes, weak of stomach] IN HER MOUTH, and told her to drop it, she took off into the house. Lo and behold, she CAN get up the steps. Worse than taking it in, she drops it then runs back down the steps. Now here is the conundrum - one leashless puppy + one preschooler unsupervised in the ungated garden VS. a shit from an unknown cat in my laundry. I'll tell you how it ends tomorrow,  I desperately need sleep in case I'm up with my fur baby in the night.

Monday, 10 August 2015

First snow experience

We really don't get a lot of snow so when there was a little dusting on the hill up the road from us, we had to check it out.
We didn't stay long, G was freezing. She had plenty of time to craft a snowperson, have a feed of snow and experience the magical effect the cold has on your bladder.

Am I missing work? Not. At. All.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Head abrasions and pink fish

G and I had a semi stress-free weekend. Aside from a G VS. the corner of a plastic picnic set (see below) incident - thankfully witnessed and treated by nurse Grandmother - it's been beautiful. It's such a huge change of pace not going to work and having all the stress that goes with it, I'm certain it's changing G for the better.

This afternoon, she made 2000 playdough fish, which I had to pretend to eat of course.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Insert emoji...

I am not really an emoji type of person, but today I felt so sad when I dropped G off at her kindergarten [insert sad, tearful face].  G is really into the Inside Out movie and I honed the entirety of my drawing skills to draw Bing Bong on her lunchbox note (read: traced from the domino pictured below).  I sat with her while she opened up her lunchbox and proudly showed the kids around her.  Not a single child acknowledged her.  Kindergarten hasn't been great for G (and I won't be going into that now, I am already feeling emoji-nal) and I thought what a lonely place it must be for her.  

Motherhood is the most amazing job in the world, but by God is it an emotional rollercoaster.  You just can't wrap them in cotton wool and send them out in the world because it turns out cotton wool is pretty crap protection.

Love letter

My sweet little girl has always been light footed. Even as a tiny toddler. She creeps around in the morning and does two things I adore: climbs the gate into the lounge and trashes the joint and poos (but not in the toilet.)  Don't think I am a deep sleeper, I am not - she is just stealthy and super quiet. We've had numerous conversations and she says "I'll never, ever do it again. Promise."  And then proceeds to climb, trash and shit. Tonight, I've left her a note.

Post note, 5 August 2015 - all affairs in order.  Poos in correct place, gate requested to be opened.  Get in!

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Give me strength

G has a myriad of playdough toys and implements but I have been reluctant to get it out because it's so blinking messy! Guess what? I have time to muck around cleaning it up so she had a good sesh this evening and my stress levels were like 1/10. I love that 100 times a day I'm reminded I made a good choice for my girl. Also, I'm not stressing about it being Sunday aka planning-all-day day.