Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Insert emoji...

I am not really an emoji type of person, but today I felt so sad when I dropped G off at her kindergarten [insert sad, tearful face].  G is really into the Inside Out movie and I honed the entirety of my drawing skills to draw Bing Bong on her lunchbox note (read: traced from the domino pictured below).  I sat with her while she opened up her lunchbox and proudly showed the kids around her.  Not a single child acknowledged her.  Kindergarten hasn't been great for G (and I won't be going into that now, I am already feeling emoji-nal) and I thought what a lonely place it must be for her.  

Motherhood is the most amazing job in the world, but by God is it an emotional rollercoaster.  You just can't wrap them in cotton wool and send them out in the world because it turns out cotton wool is pretty crap protection.

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