Friday, 21 August 2015

ALWAYS leash your dog...a cautionary tale

This is Pumpkin:
G is crazy for animals and I thought maybe when she was 5 I'd get her a cat.  But we happened to meet the Canine Formerly Known As Church And Princess and I bit the bullet. The whole reason I decided to take this time was to enrich my daughter's life. And what better time to train a puppy! Which brings me to Pumpkin's serious skill in shit detection.

She's just had her vaccinations so there's still a 9 day wait until we can walk her. Therefore, she's only allowed in our yard for her toileting (which is going great - so glad I was talked into the crate as a den training!) She cries to be carried up and down the steps as she's so dinky (so endearing!) Pumpkin is also doing terribly well on her lead, even with the Beta:
G and I took Pumpkin out leashless as puppy was desperate this afternoon. Meanwhile, some dirty cat had slunk onto our property and done a stinking turd on the top of a flax in my garden. I'd literally not noticed it but Pumpkin found it. As soon as I saw it [close your eyes, weak of stomach] IN HER MOUTH, and told her to drop it, she took off into the house. Lo and behold, she CAN get up the steps. Worse than taking it in, she drops it then runs back down the steps. Now here is the conundrum - one leashless puppy + one preschooler unsupervised in the ungated garden VS. a shit from an unknown cat in my laundry. I'll tell you how it ends tomorrow,  I desperately need sleep in case I'm up with my fur baby in the night.

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